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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Auxiliary

About Us

Founded in 1986, The Auxiliary of The William Breman Jewish Home has a long and rich history that demonstrates the power of volunteerism. The Auxiliary contributes valuable volunteer and financial resources and plays an essential role in furthering the mission of The Home and its communities.


“With wisdom to guide us, let us strive to achieve new heights of understanding of our older people and the chronically ill of our community, so that we may, with love and compassion, be able to serve them to the best of our ability.” 

Our Membership

This dynamic organization has more than 1,100 multi-generational members who devote their time and effort to The William Breman Jewish Home and to their long legacy of care and commitment. We invite you to join us in preserving this honor and tradition.

Fundraising Activities

The Auxiliary provides support to The William Breman Jewish Home through its fundraising activities, including:

  • The Gala
  • Membership Directory
  • Chanukah...a NON-EVENT..."Just Donate - You don’t have to come"

These activities, amongst others, help to ensure there are funds to support many special programs, several staff positions and designated building enhancements.


Why does The Auxiliary membership devote its time, energy and enthusiasm? The answer is simple:

Auxiliary Leadership

2013-2014 Leadership of The Auxiliary of The William Breman Jewish Home are:

Auxiliary Executive Board

  • Valerie Needle and Sue Saban, Co-Presidents
  • Cherie Aviv, President Elect
  • Jodi Jackson and Andi Morse, Vice Presidents of Membership
  • Ellen Goldstein and Jennifer Weiss, Vice Presidents of Fundraising
  • Nancy Banks and Brook Blasberg, Vice Presidents of Volunteers
  • Ann Kay, Susan Newman and Fran Scher, Vice Presidents of Special Events
  • Janet Camhi and Barbara Ordover, Vice Presidents of Gift Shop
  • Eileen Epstein, Treasurer
  • Brenda Rothschild, Assistant Treasurer
  • Pat Fine, Recording Secretary
  • Sherry Habif, Chair Nominating Committee
The Executive Board meets monthly and serves designated terms. There is also a General Board that meets twice a year.

Auxiliary Past Presidents

1986 to 1989       Jane Weinstein Goff
1989 to 1991       Maggie Arnold* and Judy Rubenstein
1991 to 1993       Renay Levenson and Faye Siegel
1993 to 1995       Sandy Coffsky and Lois Cohen
1995 to 1996       Sandra Adair and Elaine Herckis*
1996 to 1997       Sandra Adair and Dulcy Rosenberg
1997 to 1999       Dulcy Rosenberg and Boots Strauss
1999 to 2001       Gloria Benamy and Jennie Moret
2001 to 2003       Toni Adler and Phyllis Isenberg
2003 to 2005       Brenna Serby and Arlene Taylor
2005 to 2006       Arlene Taylor and Carole Kirschner
2006 to 2007       Carole Kirschner and Sandy London
2007 to 2008       Sandy London and Margie Greenberg
2008 to 2009       Margie Greenberg and Cheryl Kramer
2009 to 2010       Cheryl Kramer and Margie Stern
2010 to 2011       Margie Stern and Alice Shapiro
2011 to 2012       Alice Shapiro and Sherry Habif
2012 to 2013       Sherry Habif and Valerie Needle

* Deceased

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